Discover Greenwood

The Smallest Incorporated City In Canada

Step back in time and visit an era of early Canadian charm. A thriving mining town in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, it is still a thriving city today.  Our history is what draws many people to our city, with more than 60 heritage buildings that paint the landscape, each has it’s own story to tell.

With abundant lakes, rivers and parks, Greenwood offers year round fun along with an interesting Japanese history that you will want to discover in our amazing Museum. Greenwood is your historic destination along the Crowsnest Highway 3, just north of the USA border.

City Notices

City of Greenwood – Notice of Property for Sale by Public Tender Bid

Please take notice that the City of Greenwood is offering surplus municipal land for sale by public tender bid in accordance with Policy No. 2021-01. For additional information, or to request a tender package for any of the properties listed below, please contact Greenwood City Hall by email at:  Thank you.

MAPS – Files 1-7 – Greenwood Municipal Land For Sale to view map locations in Greenwood.

The following properties will be offered for sale by public tender bid: 

File No. 1: N. Government Avenue (PID: 012-536-571) – minimum tender bid: $33,633.00

File No. 2: 346 N. Kimberley Avenue (PID: 012-883-131) – minimum tender bid: $47,646.75

File No. 3: N. Kimberley Avenue (PID: 012-883-158) – minimum tender bid: $47,646.75

File No. 4: Scott Ave. (PID: 012-887-897, 012-887-901, 012-887-765, 012-887-820, 012-887-927, 012-887-943) – minimum tender bid: $70,094.00

File No. 5: S. Kimberley Ave. (PID: 012-877-719, 012-887-943) – minimum tender bid: $64,993.50

File No. 6: S. Gold Ave. (PID: 012-836-923) – minimum tender bid: $47,646.75

File No. 7: S. Gold Ave. (PID: 012-836-958) – minimum tender bid: $47,646.75

Please click here > Maps – Files 1-7 – Greenwood Municipal Land For Sale to view map locations in Greenwood. Civic (street) addresses are not assigned to the majority of these properties as they have never been developed.

The deadline for public tender bid submissions is February 17, 2022 at 3:00 pm. 



Thank you for your support.

See you next year!


Register Online:

or by phone at: 250-445-2211


City of Greenwood Campground

Located on Mineral Street off Highway 3 in Greenwood, BC.

Phone: 1-403-605-8343

Visit Website



Bears are frequent Greenwood visitors!

To avoid potentially dangerous
incidents, please:

– Keep garbage inside until pickup day
– Turn compost regularly
– Pick ripe and fallen fruit daily
– Burn off and clean the barbecue grill
after each use
– Use bird feeders only in winter,
and keep the ground free from seeds
– Do not leave pet food outside

To report a human-wildlife conflict,
please contact a BC Conservation
Officer at: 1-877-952-RAPP(7277).

Garbage Pickup


Final Pre-Holiday Pickup – Friday, December 24, 2021 (8:00 am)
This is the final Friday garbage pickup by the City of Greenwood. 

Next Scheduled Pickup – Tuesday, January 4, 2022 (8:00 am)
This is the first scheduled garbage pickup by the RDKB, as well as blue and green bin collection. 

RDKB garbage stickers are now available for sale at the Greenwood City Hall. 

For additional information on the RDKB’s garbage collection service starting January 2022 please call 250-368-9148 / 1-800-355-7352.

Greenwood City Hall Reminder

The Greenwood City Hall Reminder:

Quarterly Utility Payments due on March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, December 31st. If paying in person, please come to City Hall.  If paying online, please make your payment by due dates listed. Thank you!

ICBC and Motor Vehicles

ICBC and Motor Vehicles

ICBC and Motor Vehicles at Greenwood City Hall

The ICBC office is currently located at Greenwood City Hall, at 202 South Government Avenue.
ICBC and Motor Vehicles is through H.G. Insurance Agencies

Hours of Operation
8:30 am – 4:30 pm (closed between noon-1:00 pm for lunch)

Phone: 250-443-9156

Visit Website

City Hall Hours

City Hall Hours

Tuesday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30 pm
Closed for Lunch Noon to 1:00pm
Closed all Statutory Holidays

Please report crime to the RCMP

Please report crime to the RCMP


Please contact the RCMP to report all crime, vandalism, and suspicious activity. Reporting crime in a timely manner helps authorities to apprehend suspects, track and monitor crime trends, and allows the RCMP to best use their resources to protect your community.

Please don’t assume that someone else has already contacted the police.  Multiple reports to the authorities are better than none at all.  If you witness a crime or suspicious activity, please contact 911 immediately.

For non-emergency situations, please call 250-449-2244.
To submit an anonymous tip, please call 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).
For more information on when to contact the RCMP, and how to report a crime, visit:


Greenwood BC, Electric Fast Charging Station – Accelerate Kootenays

Greenwood BC, Electric Fast Charging Station – Accelerate Kootenays

An Electric Vehicle fast charging station is now available in Greenwood, BC, made possible by the “Accelerate Kootenays” project.

Media release: Accelerate Kootenays Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations

Three more stations located at (Creston, Salmo and Castlegar)

Email: Patricia Dehnel

Visit Station Map

Animal Control

Animal Control

Animal Control Officer
If you have a concern about dogs
250-443-1851 / 1-877-322-6777 (Toll Free)

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Memorial Bench Program

Memorial Bench Program

The Bench Donation Program is designed to increase public enjoyment and participation in the City’s parks (includes all parks and trails) and the downtown core.
Benches make great gifts to both your beneficiary and your favourite spot.
Your bench will be installed in a location of your choice in the areas which are designed for benches.

Contact City Hall for more information and application form.

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