Greenwood Heritage Buildings

Many turn of the century buildings in Greenwood, are still in use, such as the Courthouse, Post Office and Gulley Block

Photos by: – City Hall, Gulley Block
Photo by: Dusty Road Photos – Post Office


Nikkei Legacy Park

Greenwood’s Nikkei Legacy Park displays 80 family plaques of Nikkei and Caucasian families titled “We Lived Together.”
The family plaques will encourage former residents to return to their ‘furusato’ and pass on the legacy of their families to their grandchildren and great- grandchildren.

Photos by: Chuck Tasaka


Deadwood & Motherlode

Before 1919, about 300 men worked at the Mother Lode with most of the businesses located at Deadwood City a half a mile away. All that remains are a few foundations near the Motherlode and the huge hole in the mountain. 

Photos by: Dusty Road Photos


Boundary Falls

Situated about 5 miles downstream from Anaconda, Boundary Falls was an early site of Greenwood’s power generating plant. Boundary Falls was also the site where for 2 or 3 years after 1901, the B.C. Copper Company’s mine, skidded and packed and wagoned up to 700 tons of ore per year, down a twisted trail from seven miles above.

Photos by Brigitte Huerzeler


Fort Greenwood, Private RV Park, Greenwood, BC

This unique private RV Park,  is situated in the quaint and authentic Old West town of Greenwood BC; a mecca for history buffs and nature lovers

Photos by: Dusty Road Photos


Wilgress Lake, East of Greenwood, BC

Wilgress Lake provides a great stop for a picnic, or some fishing. Located on Highway #3

Photos by: Dusty Road Photos


Boundary Creek, Greenwood, BC

In the creek are small rainbow or brook trout that may reward the patient angler.

Photos by: Dusty Road Photos


Historical Phoenix

Phoenix is a ghost town in the Boundary Country of British Columbia, Canada, 11 km east of Greenwood. Once called the “highest city in Canada” by its citizens (1,412 metres / 4,633 feet above sea level) it was a booming copper mining community from the late 1890s until 1919. In its heyday it was home to 1,000 citizens and had an opera house, twenty hotels, a brewery and its own city hall. 

Photos by: Dusty Road Photos


Jewel Lake

Jewel Lake, north of Greenwood, is a popular fishing spot for anglers all over the province. Despite its small size, it produces large trout, and its cool, spring-fed water helps to ensure year-round consistency.
Fly fishing is a great way to fish Jewel Lake. 

Photos By: Dusty Road Photos